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The Cosplay fangirl with full of entertainment streamer, Shurjoka is a German-born Austrian Twitch streamer who is famous for her chat on her Twitch streams. Prior to her chatting streams, her heart also beats for strategy games and loving indie titles.

Furthermore, a well-known social media butterfly, Shurjoka is soon to be the author of her new book. Moreover, she is also a YouTuber and eminent content creator.

ProfessionTwitch Star

10 Facts About Shurjoka

As of now, Shurjok’s age is still mysterious as there are no details regarding her date of birth. But, as seen in her photos, she may be in her 20s.

A social media butterfly, Shurjoka is seen on Instagram. She has more than 33.3k followers and 52 posts under the username @shurjoka.

Shurjoka is a native of Germany. And, she currently lives in Graz, Austria. Thus, she belongs to German-Austrian nationality. But, her ethnicity is yet to get surfaced on the internet. 

Despite being a notable Twitch star, Shurjoka’s bio is yet to take place on Wikipedia’s page. But, we’ll hope she eventually possesses a Wiki page under her name.

Being known as a Twitch star, Shurjoka is available on Twitch with an immensely followed account. On her Twitch, she has more than 126 thousand followers.

Also, we can visualize Shurjoka’s presence on Twitter with decent fan followings. She has 19k followers and 703 followings.

As per her Twitter bio, she is also writing her first book. However, any details about her book are yet to get revealed.

Apparently, Shurjoka’s relationship status is still questionable. She has never spoken about her boyfriend or love life in the public domain. So, she may or may not be dating.

Discussing Shurjoka’s net worth, there is no relevant information on her actual figure of net worth. Moreover, we’re also unaware of her earnings thus far.

Apart from Shurjoka Twitch streams, she is also known for her Instagram posts. You can all go see her radiant picture on her Instagram.

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