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Teemu Liakka Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Teemu Liakka Wikipedia: Here are all the details that you need to know about the cinematographer such as his wife, age, and net worth. 

Known for his exceptional skills with the camera, Teemu Liakka has filmed a lot of music videos, films, and documentaries. In his career that spans over 20 years, the filmmaker has always followed his dream to capture new things. 

Teemu Liakka Wikipedia

Unfortunately, Teemu Liakka is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. The cinematographer does have a beautifully written IMDB bio. 

Started his career right after he completed his film school, Teemu has been filming for around 24 years now. Besides, he is also a prolific diver and survivalist. He has made a lot of self-documentaries battling for survival in harsh environments. 

A few of his best works are underwater shots, wildlife photography, and documentary making. You can easily find further info about him on his personal website. 

Quick Facts:

NameTeemu Liakka

Some Unknown Facts on Teemu Liakka

A keeper of low-profile, Teemu Liakka has not shared any facts about his wife or girlfriend. 

Already with two decades of experience in the filming industry, Teemu Liakka currently is in the age of 40s. 

Moreover, you can find him on Instagram, of course. He has accumulated more than 550 followers on the platform. You can follow him on Twitter as well. 

The cinematographer is best known for his work on “The Wave”, “Tale of the Forest”, “Natural Symphony” and many more films and documentaries. 

However, there is not much info about his earnings and salary. However, the photographer is just following his passion. 

Also, his nationality is unknown at the moment. But Teemu Liakka is currently based in Finland. 

A real admirer of nature, Liakka loves to film wildlife and make documentaries on them. 

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