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Why was the Only Fans model, Victoria Triece, banned from volunteering at school? Tune in to find out.

Victoria Triece is an Only Fans model. She also has a huge social media presence with 122k followers on her Instagram account. Likewise, she is also known as ‘snooks’. On Twitter and Instagram, she also uses the aforementioned name.

Victoria has a private Only Fans account. However, someone sent the images of her account to the school administration. She was then banned from volunteering at the school her children study in.

After Victoria penned a Tweet regarding the incident, the fans are curious about her. Let us learn about the model in detail.

Who Is Victoria Triece?

Victoria Triece is an OnlyFans and Instagram model. She is active on Instagram as @victoriasnooks and on Twitter as @victoriasnooks. Most of her content is NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

Similarly, she has made a total of 855 posts on her OnlyFans account and garnered 177.7k likes.

Onlyfans Model Banned From Her Kids School

Victoria Triece is the mother of a 5-year-old and a 10-year-old. They study at Sand Lake Elementary in Orange County.

After someone sent Victoria’s images from her Only Fan’s account to the school administration, she has been banned from volunteering there. According to Daily Beast, Victoria plans to sue for $1 million. As a matter of fact, Victoria had been volunteering for five years. The reason behind her ban is her work in the adult entertainment industry.

According to Triece, after being informed about the impending lawsuit, district officials notified her that she could chaperone field trips but could only supervise her own children. Triece has no criminal record and passed a background check required by the district’s ADDitions volunteer registration site.

Victoria Triece Details to follow

Details regarding Victoria Triece’s personal life have not been made public. Her children’s identities also remain a secret.

On the other hand, Victoria shared her experience through a Tweet. It states, “the way someone took paid content from my onlyfans and sent it into my children’s school is so cruel. you don’t have to like what i do or agree with it but to do something this extreme is just downright wrong.”

The news about her being banned from volunteering at her children’s school has made the public furious. Likewise, the fans have showered her Tweet with well wishes and have demanded justice too.

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