Who Is Kathy Randele? Everything To Know About The Wife Of Theodore J. Conrad

Theodore J Conrad aka Thomas Randele was one of the biggest and most wanted bank robbers in Cleveland who hid from the eyes of the law for 52 years and is finally disclosed his identity. Know about his wife Kathy Randele.

The mystery of the most wanted robber ever in the history of Cleveland finally became as clear as crystal after the authorities identified Thomas Randele. He was staying with his family in Lynnfield for the past 50 years.

20 years old Conrad robbed $215,000 from his own bank, Society National Bank, where he was working as a teller and became undergrounded on the date July 11, 1969. The authorities finally got the last clue to the case when they visited Massachusetts.

Theodore Conrad changed his entire identity and resolved between his people in Lynnfield where he even became friends with police officers. He was known as a kind, honest, and sincere luxury cars seller.  

Who Is Kathy Randele?

Kathy Randele is the wife of the most wanted bank robber Theodore J Conrad aka Thomas Randele. They were introduced to each other a decade earlier than they married. The couples took their wedding vow in the year 1982.

Her husband was told to be a golf coach and has a car business when she married him. She herself was a working woman who might have been unaware of her husband’s crimes.

She gave birth to a daughter and was living peacefully with her husband unless he collapsed from lung cancer.

Theodore J Conrad aka Thomas Randele Wife Age Today 2021

Theodore J Conrad aka Thomas Randele was married to his wife Kathy Randale in 1982 whose exact age is unknown. Since Thomas was 20 years old around 50 years ago, he would have been around 70 at present.

It has not been long since he went to his death bed at the age of 71. So, we can assume that his wife must be in her mid-sixties. 

Where Is Kathy Randele Now?

Kathy Randele is now with her daughter in their own residence in the suburb of Boston. She is grieving her husband’s departure. The entire details on her husband’s past were known from his personal diary after death. 

All that she talked about was him being a great man who will be missed forever. People in Lynnfield recognized him as a loving and wonderful father and husband.  

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