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Tarryn Flintoft Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Tarryn Flintoft NZ has put some serious accusations against Jake Bezzant. She alleges him of fake online impersonation.

Jake was ready to secure a safe blue Auckland seat. He was a promising candidate for the upcoming New Zealand election.

However, his political career is halted now as his former partner has come with some serious accusations. 

Tarryn Flintoft NZ: Everything On Jake Bezzant Girlfriend And Accuser

Tarryn Flintoft from NZ is the former girlfriend of Jake Bezzant.

Jake and Tarryn dated for a while. However, the couple broke up as Jake supposedly misused Tarryn’s pictures online. According to Flintoft, the national candidate impersonates her online and sends explicit content to other people. 

Recently, Flintoft came forward as Jake Bezzant’s accuser.

Even though the couple broke up more than a year ago, Bezzant allegedly kept pretending to be his ex-girlfriend.

Apparently, he made Tarryn’s profile on Snapchat and other dating sites and engaged in sexual activities.

Distraught by the situation, Tarryn Flintoft finally expressed herself in a Podcast. Likewise, the hour-long podcast went viral on social sites.

Tarryn Flintoft Age

Tarryn Flintoft seems around the age of 30 years old.

We speculate that she is around her former boyfriend’s age, who is 33 years old in age. However, her personal details are hidden for now.

Due to the seriousness of the case, Tarryn Flintoft has not revealed her family or husband details yet. She is yet to speak in front of the camera. 

Before the podcast, Tarryn tried to contact the police. However, due to the lack of law in the country, the press charges were dropped against Bezzant.

In fact, Jake allegedly even mocked her for the failed lawsuit. 

Does She Have an Instagram?

Tarryn Flintoft Instagram is private for now. 

After the accusations, Jake Bezzant has dropped his National Party candidacy.

Likewise, he did not directly respond to the allegations and stated, “every story had two sides.” 

Furthermore, a new accuser has allegedly come forward to share her similar experience with Bezzant.

The unidentified woman posted about her story via her Facebook, which was quite similar to Flintoft’s accusations.

The full investigation of the case is still going on.  

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